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Dining Room Before & After

A wallpaper, shiplap, and window trim "How-To" blog post will have to wait because today is all about Before & Afters! Granted, I still have to paint the shiplap (it's only primed) and hem my curtains. Stay tuned for the last 5%, but for now, here's my 95% finished dining room.

I love adding textures to a space and these sage-green velvet curtains are the perfect touch! Doesn't it just soften the room and create a cozy, welcoming, speak easy vibe?!

You can find these stunning curtains on Amazon 2 panels for $59 (currently on sale from $65.99). Great price!

Boy, was I on the hunt for the perfect curtain rod! I searched everywhere!!! There's some stunning unique rods at Anthropologie that I was in love with, but I kept coming back to this Target rod. I love it's older style while still being simple, and classy with a hint of uniqueness.

I purchased our 84"-120" curtain rod for just $34.99 at Target online. I'm very happy with it!

The curtain rod was just a little more yellow-ey gold than I wanted so I knew my curtain clips needed to be a hair darker in brass tones and smaller in size. Darker so it pulled the darker/warmer tones out of the rod and smaller so you wouldn't notice the slight color difference. These dainty little clips were perfect!

I purchased our curtain clips on Amazon for $7.99 (currently on sale from $16.64) and it comes with 14 clips! That's a steal of a deal!

I purchased our A-Street Prints wallpaper from Home Depot for $93.18 a roll - I needed two rolls to cover the top third of our dining room walls.

Now, let's have a little fun with some before and afters side by side:

This room used to be my least favorite room in the whole house. In fact, I hated it so much that I initially wanted to reconfigure our whole living space to move the dining room to another area!

But, now that it's redesigned the dining room is one of my favorites.

I'm so proud of the months of hard work that went into creating this space, and how well the design all came together.

I'm in love with this room and the feelings it invokes. I can't wait to eventually get new floors, add a light fixture, and a new dining set - that would totally complete the space!

One step at a time... and I hope you're there to join me along the way!


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Sam Bluemel
Sam Bluemel
Jan 06, 2023


Jessica Doberneck
Jessica Doberneck
Jan 06, 2023
Replying to

Thanks Sam!!! I’m so happy with how it turned out.

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