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I'm adding ONE more thing to my portfolio! What do you think it is?

I joined Platinum Realty because they had two sister companies for flipping and a custom design studio. I was sold by the idea of giving my clients the opportunity to flip their house before selling it and was excited to observe this custom design team at work. Little did I know, this would all boil down into a great opportunity to round out my real estate portfolio! Over the last 2 weeks, I've been working on a very special 3-part endeavor. Something I've dreamed of doing for quite some time.

Announcement #1

After learning about my experience with design and probably taking note of all my passionate design commentary in meetings (ha!), Platinum Design Studio offered me an opportunity that I couldn't pass up! I am officially their Interior Design Consultant. When they receive a custom build project (anything from a home addition to building a house from the ground up), they offer interior design as an additional service. Me! I am the additional service - haha! As of right now, it will only be 1-2 clients max a month, so it won't interfere with my real estate transactions whatsoever. I have three tiers of design services that I can help these clients with:

1) Fixed Materials - Flooring, baseboards, backsplash, paint color, cabinet style and color, countertops, and fireplace surrounds.

2) Finishes - Hardware, faucets, doors, light fixtures, feature wall design, feature ceiling designs, wallpaper, and mantles.

3) Furnishing - Couches, chairs, ottomans, barstools, rugs, and dining sets. Corner, console, and coffee tables. Lamps, pillows, art, and window treatments.

I have a small section of the office to turn into my "showroom" and display all my samples. Which is great timing because my collection of samples has really gotten out of control at home haha!! But even better...

Announcement #2

Over this past week, I have been working with a few of my favorite go-to suppliers to build a partnership! They are providing me with more free samples for my little showroom and website. AND, it gets better, discounts that I can offer my clients! I have officially partnered with my FAVORITE cabinet company (TBA next week!) with access to all their free samples, one of their layout designers, and a hearty discount! How cool is that?! I'm so excited! Who doesn't love a discount?! I'm proud to recommend these companies with my Do-over-neck stamp of approval.

Announcement #3

After spending some time lining all this up, I began to wonder why I'm only offering these services, discounts, and resources to just Platinum Design Studio clients. I have been getting texts, Facebook, and Instagram messages from people for years asking for help with their home projects and I love it! I live for those messages! Literally. I live vicariously through you and your house projects haha, especially when I'm not currently working on one of my own.

So, why not offer this to everyone too?

Honestly, I didn't feel qualified for such a role. Especially a role I would just grant to myself. But I've since realized that if a design studio is willing and excited to hire me, then I should be confident enough to hire myself.

So, I did! Say "Hello" to Doberneck Design.

I have officially added a new tab to this website called "Design Consulting" where you can find my services, pricing, and a form to request a custom quote. Please keep sending me messages asking for help with your own home projects, especially when you get stuck! But, if you're looking for something a little more hands-on and formal, head on over to Doberneck Design. I would love to help you create the home of your dreams. [Or purchase a fix-er-upper and help you turn it into the home of your dreams!]


I am beyond excited to add design consulting to my portfolio whether it be with Platinum's clients or my own! It's so satisfying to blend my two favorite worlds of Real Estate and Design into one - they both compliment each other so well. This is the final feather in my cap and I'm ready to rock and roll!



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