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Life Update and Our 6-Month Plan

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

It's funny how you think your plans are perfect until you are forced to see them from another perspective and then, and only then, do you realize they could actually be better.

If you haven't read last week's blog post yet, you'll want to take a minute and go read that for better context and all the juicy details. Our 2022 was set up to be a great year, but within 3 days my dreams were already crushed.

After spending time with my family this week, applying for jobs, interviewing, and evaluating and reevaluating our goals and ever-changing plans for the next 6 months I realized something.

The "Perfect Plan" is a plan that is adaptable.

My "Plan A" was to work a temporary part-time job; just enough to fund our first flip and I was going to be outta there! But, after applying for jobs and interviewing with companies within the real estate field, a new fire was lit within me.

Working in an industry I'm ACTUALLY passionate about is a GAME CHANGER!!! I've spent the last 5 years in the internet industry; I knew nothing about it when I started and now I know too much for my own good. And guess what! I don't even care about Internet! Ha! Ok, maybe a little bit, it is kinda interesting... But is it my passion? Absolutely not. Not by a long shot.

Sidenote: I may not have cared as much for the industry, but I LOVED my employees and sales staff! They were the best! This is a photo from when one of my sales agents wrote me a fake ticket for my parking job! Ha! Such a good memory.

Interviewing with people who tell me they work full-time and have their own personal real estate investments going on in their personal lives totally amazed me! Even better, it’s a part of their company culture to be involved in real estate in some way or another, big or small! How cool is that?!

I realized my original plan to get a short-term, part-time job was a quick bandaid fix to get me to where I thought I wanted to be: flipping houses full time. But I realized it's ok to be patient with myself and possibly take a longer, more comfortable route to achieve that goal. Working full time for a company I genuinely love, in a field I'm passionate about, and gradually weaning myself into flipping houses on the side might actually be the "better" plan. Working full-time in the real estate industry will actually give me more comfort, resources, and support than just trailblazing it on my own.

That being said, I have become more flexible and adaptable with my plans and I'm glad that I have! It's still possible to reach my goal of flipping a house in the next 6 months. Although there is an ideal timeline of the first flip, I can also be flexible with that too if it means our circumstances are more accommodating.

I, essentially, took a GIANT deep breath and told myself to slow the heck down. Does that sound familiar to you? Do you have to do that to yourself too? If your last name or maiden name is "Udy," then I'm sure you can relate! Ha! Go-go-go, hard work, and a "get it done" attitude is in our blood!

Now that the ball is rolling in my job search (I'm really hopeful about a few particular opportunities! I hope I didn't just jinx it!), I am allowing myself to put some small DIY projects back on the radar - WOOHOO!

Here are the projects we plan to complete in the next 6-months (in addition to eventually and hopefully flipping a house!):

1) Finish painting the flower wall in the girls' room! Haha! Can you believe that isn't done yet! Ha! I literally put that project to a quick stop so I could start and finish the mantle project before Christmas. All that's left is painting another white coat on my top row of flowers, painting the centers yellow, and touching up our nail holes in the wall. I also have new bedding for the girls that I've been holding on to for the last 3 months and can't wait to show you! SO DANG CUTE!

(I can’t help myself, here’s a little sneak peek!)

2) Backsplash..... I also can't believe that we remodeled our kitchen 7 months ago and I still haven't done the backsplash haha. I've just been procrastinating because I know some things aren't perfectly level and it's going to be a beast of a project (or at least I fear it will be!) Ahhhh!

3) Playroom! This room has been my favorite room in the whole house lately. So many funny and fun memories are being created in this room. I have a super funky Ikea couch that I've been stalking for a week now, waiting for it to come back in stock so I can order it. I think I've decided on a paint color for the walls... But I'm still debating if I'll do a mural or not... I think, for now, we will stick with a simple coat of paint. But we'll see (wink wink!). Lastly, I have some incredible wall art I can't wait to see in the space! It's going to be such a playful and wholesome room - I really can't wait.

I'm so glad the ball is rolling with my job search, it's given me permission to relax a little bit and take small pieces of my normal life back (at least for sanity's sake). I will keep you posted on everything! And stay tuned in Instagram stories, because I'll be picking up a paintbrush here soon! Have a wonderful weekend!


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