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Our BIG Goals and Plans for 2021

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a fresh start to the new year!

I THRIVE on taking advantage of fresh starts with creating a vision, goals, and plans! So, Tyson and I sat down on New Years Eve to map out our 2021. But before I walk you through what we have in mind for the year house-wise, let me share some news with you that all of our plans will need to revolve around:

Baby Girl #2 is due May 22nd! We are very excited for this new addition to our family. We will be having a scheduled c-section about 2 weeks prior to the due date to avoid the unimaginable tearing I experienced with Callie - Tyson and I are VERY relieved about that part (most me)! And having experienced an early miscarriage prior to this pregnancy, I've been a little MIA the last 20 weeks because our minds have been consumed with the health and success of this pregnancy. Thanks for being patient and still hanging with us as we took some time to cope, prepare, and adjust to this life event.

So, I guess you can say our 1st and most important goal for 2021 is to deliver a healthy baby girl in May! Here's the rest of our plans for the year:

2. Fireplace! I've been talking about this fireplace/TV situation for too long now and I'm finally excited to tell you that we'll be tackling this project later on this month! We will be filling in the TV alcove and centering the gas fireplace so we can put the TV over the fireplace as one main focal point. I've been doing a lot of homework on how to DIY a faux concrete fireplace on a budget and I feel we're ready to take this on!

3. Kitchen, Dining Room, Entry! We will be moving the kitchen down where the table currently is, and moving the dining room where the front of the kitchen currently is and opening up the entry way for a better view of the entire living space. This is going to be the largest renovation that this house will see... And we are planning to get this project done before we have our second little baby in May! Sounds little crazy, and I feel a little crazy quite frankly! Haha. But, in order to spend more time with the baby and enjoy our home together, it seems like the smartest place in our 2021 timeline. We're shooting for March-ish.

4. In the mix of all this living space renovation, we will (at some point) get new window treatments! Our blinds are outdated, half of them don't work, and we just hate them haha. We are also excited to bring in some dramatic curtains into our living room and possibly dining room.

5. New Floors! Since we will be tackling the kitchen and dining as well as the fireplace in the living area, we are also going to tackle getting all new floors from the kitchen through to the living room, hallway, and bathroom. May as well finish it all off properly! Also, with the rearranging of the kitchen layout, we will be left with some hodgepodge floors which would not be fun to live with.

6. Personal Investment! After baby is born, we're all settled into a new rhythm, and my body/mind has recovered we have a goal for me to invest in this fun hobby of mine! What that looks like, we are not exactly sure yet but I have a few ideas. Obviously, I will continue the blog posts about all of these updates previously listed, but I really want to finish the second half of the year with some intentional dream-chasing so I can set myself up for an even better 2022. I'm not sure if we'll be ready yet to purchase our first official flipper house (which would be awesome if we could! I'm constantly parroting Zillow and other apps in case we do find the perfect one!), but I'm leaning more towards getting my real estate license! I don't intend on selling houses for other people necessarily, I just have an itching desire to be self-reliant and feel educated with the life-decisions I/we make. I know 5 years from now, I would love to be investing in real estate in many forms; flipping houses, managing rental properties, and/or AirBnb's. However, with the way that I am wired I know that I cannot confidently enter into these real estate investments without having my real estate license. It's hard to tell where exactly we will be at in 6 months and what the market is offering us, but wether we do nail down our first flipper, or I get my real estate license, I'll keep you in the loop every step of the way!

There you have it! Our 5 major plans for the 2021 year! I'm excited to share what I learn, what we find success in and what we don't over the course of this year! Most of all, I'm stoked to delve a little deeper into chasing my itching dreams; growing our family and our real estate portfolio.


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