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The Girls' Room

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

We’ve played quite the game of musical chairs with our 3 bedrooms these last few months! We used to have a guest bedroom/Tyson’s office, Callie’s nursery, Jane in the bassinet with us in our room, and the toys in the living room. Now, Jane has moved into Callie’s room, Tyson moved his office to our bedroom, we have a playroom for all the toys, and now the living room is a toy-free space for our eyes to rest. Now that the girls are sharing a room, we need to transform it from “Callie’s Nursery” to “The Girls Room." If you haven't already, go check out my previous post about our original nursery; it's the pre-qual to this post!

Once we found out Baby #2 was a girl, I had so many happy feelings and things I was excited about. We would have been thrilled for either gender... But a GIRL! SO CUTE!

I instantly thought about how she and Callie would be best friends and have each other for the rest of their lives! I thought about how one day I’d get to be there for her when becomes a mother! I thought about handmedowns - Woot! And of course, one at the top of the list, I frequently thought about the girls sharing a room - how fun would that be to design! So, here we are...

As funny as it would be to just slap an "And Jane" on the end of those letters, I genuinely can’t wait to tie in a little Jane-style to make this THEIR room. I don't know how accurate this will be as Jane gets older, but when I first met my Janey-Jane I could feel her sweet, gentle, calm spirit.

This is really ironic because had THE WORST scream as a newborn! I mean, this cry made my ears ring and it drowned out any other noise. It was absolutely blood-curdling. In fact, once I collected my emotions after her delivery time, I turned to Tyson and said, “That’s a terrible scream… That’s really bad…” In the bliss of the moment, Tyson reassured me it was fine!

It really wasn’t fine, that scream was horrendous - one of the worst my mom has ever heard! Ha! Despite the sheer volume of this child, she really did have the sweetest, most loving, and calm spirit about her! She is the sage green or maybe the soft pink, to Callie's mustard yellow soul (if you're lost on that one, go read the prequel post!). I’ve been on a mission ever since to find a Daisy sunshine nursery print that’s a little calmer and Jane-Esk; bedding, wallpaper, wall decor, etc. I’ve looked at it all!

In the process, I FINALLY found the long-lost daisy pattern for sale (as referenced in the prequel post):

Which I still LOVE! But now I feel like I want to incorporate something a little more calming and peaceful to match my Jane-Vibes!

Daisies have become much more popular within the last 3 years! When I was preparing for Callie’s birth, I couldn’t find ANYTHING! But now there are SO many options! I guess I was just ahead of the girl‘s room design curve ;) Ha! If you're looking for some similar prints, I found a TON of DARLING Daisy prints on

While I was pregnant with Jane, I came across this fabric and fell head-over-heels! Now, THIS speaks “Jane” to me! I love it, I love it, I love it!

BUT! There are no crib fitted sheets available in this print, and the twin-sized bedding was pretty pricy. This leaves me with the only option of wallpaper! The print is quite busy, so I decided to do a feature wall behind their beds: sage green board and batten on the bottom with the wallpaper on top, leaving the other walls the current pink (Ella Rose with Magnolia Home Paint). BOOM! Love it!

Well, here’s the deal. Tyson and I are trying to save EVERY pretty penny right now for a big project (I guess you can call it that) we have coming around the corner! Yes, this is a surprise that we’re keeping to ourselves till we know for sure our plans are solidified. So when I priced out these plans for The Girls' Room, I realized this little renovation wasn't justifiable at the moment. The board and batten, paint, wallpaper, and bedding were adding up quickly; I figured it would be upwards of $350. All things considered, is a respectable cost. However, this just isn't in our budget right now, especially considering the design plan is pretty time-consuming.

BUT! I can’t just leave the room as-is till we have the resources to redesign! It looks like we have a favorite child haha. So, here’s the plan! I’m going to do a super affordable temporary solution just to hold us off till we’re ready to take on the bigger project.

I’m going to paint large white daisies with a mustard yellow center on the feature wall. Something like this:

(Thank you Elise and Emma of A Beautiful Mess for the inspiration!)

My cousin, the professional interior designer, recommended I add some sage green leaves if it seems too monochromatic. Great idea!

Since I won't need a ton of paint, I purchased sample-sized white (True White) and mustard yellow (Brushed Clay) from Ace Hardware in, you guessed it, Magnolia Home Paint. $14 total! So cheap!

As for bedding, I'm torn between two options from Target. Maybe you can help me decide! Tell me your thoughts! I love this pinstriped quilt...

I personally prefer sleeping with a comforter/duvet to a quilt, and I know Callie chooses to sleep with her softer blankets than her quilts. I already have a down comforter from Ikea, so I was hoping to find a duvet cover for it. However, that quilt's pinstripe is just so dang cute! If I went with the quilt, we might just lay it over her comforter and pull it down at night... but that's a lot of blankets for such a small bed... I don't know... Let me know your thoughts and I'll keep you posted on that one!

For the sake of hitting every main item in the room, here are the other items we already have:

And that's it, my friends! New bedding and some paint; simple as that. (For now, wink wink!)

I'm so excited to finally work with the daisy theme I've been dreaming of for 3 years now, even if it is a temporary fix! I've also never painted any kind of wall art before, so that'll be interesting. Ha! Stay tuned for an update on the project and keep tabs on Instagram/Facebook stories for a more live play-by-play. Here we go!


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