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Merry Christmas from Our Home to Yours!

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

As our family has grown a little more this year, Tyson and I have been reflecting on what Christmas means to us, and how we can best share it with our children. We are continuing to mold and figure that out, but one thing we do know, is that we want our home to feel like a celebration in HONOR of Christ’s birth.

As much as I love decorating as a hobby, I always find myself feeling a little overwhelmed by Christmas decorating. I absolutely love decorating for Christmas and all the feel-goods that come with it! But it has always had a hint of daunt for me. Why?

Before I explain, I must preface with two things I’ve always lived by:

1) Presentation is EVERYTHING

2) Christmas is to the year as Sunday is to the week.

If I wear my “Sunday best” attire to church, then decorating my home in honor of the saviors birth must be my best as well. It doesn’t have to me lavish or expensive, it just need to be my best.

If presentation is everything, then my presentation has a message to say. What does my message portray? Am I conveying that my home is a refuge? That there is love and peace here? That all are welcomed and there is room for everyone? Does my home foster kindness and calmness?

If decorating my home for Christmas is a representation of how I honor and remember my Savior and His humble birth, then this is more than just an extension of my hobby, it’s my gift. It’s my gift to my family, all who enter during the holiday season, and a gift to my Savior.

And that’s why the task of decorating my home for Christmas can be a little daunting for me. I have always felt a special reverence about the task that I don’t want to take lightly.

My gift is not perfect, and it’s ever growing. My gift is humble, thoughtful, and methodical. My gift is totally unique and mine to give.

I hope each year I can continue to strategically and genuinely add to my holiday decor all while building our family a foundation of Christ-like qualities and attributes that fill our hearts with the true meaning of Christmas.

This is the month to forgive shortcomings and fill that empty space of regret with the pure love and hope of our/others‘ potential. It’s a month to reset, refocus, and rededicate ourselves. I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a wonderful month of December!

With love,

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3 коментарі

25 лист. 2022 р.

What a beautiful-hearted blog post! Could you please share how you made the string with orange slices and evergreens?

Jessica Doberneck
Jessica Doberneck
02 бер.
Коментар для:

Great question! The Evergreens was a garland I purchased from Hobby Lobby. As for the oranges, slice them up fairly thin, pat them dry as well as you can, and bake them in the oven for 3 hours at 250 and flip them halfway through. Continue longer if they aren't fully dried yet. I just poked a hole in them with pruning sissors and threaded all the oranges with twine. Enjoy! Sorry for the later reply - I somehow never got the notification for this comment!

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