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Halloween in the Mild Mild West

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Let's take a necessary pause from all the reno-talk and address the first of many holiday festivities: Halloween!

I LOVE the holidays and ALL THE FEELS that come with them!

I grew up with our house decorated to the NINES for each and every holiday. Decorating for the holidays is a home renovation in and of itself, am I right?! It's always a challenge for me to find holiday decor that still jives with my home's current design style and feel. I also have this weird rule where all my holiday decor has to match - which has proven to be very hard to do. Each year I just add a little more to our holiday decorations and try to match all the things I've collected thus far while still trying to update my holiday style. One day I'll have an arsenal of holiday decor just like my parents! Haha.

That being said, I’ll share with you our affordable interior and exterior Halloween decorations that we've collected over the past few years. I’ve also included as many links as I could dig up! Here we go!

The Entry

Decorating the entry table is a MUST! THIS, RIGHT HERE, is the reason I had to flatten out this wall. It was just too small...


I feel like entry tables are the thesis statement to your home. They greet you immediately upon entry and tell you what you should feel and experience while in the house. I didn't have enough room to communicate my home's thesis statement with that giant “decorative" arch taking up half the space.

This enhancement to our entry was a must - and carving out a larger space for our holiday decor was absolutely a factor in that decision! Where was I going to put all my pumpkins and Christmas nativity?! My home's thesis statement changes for each holiday, and I needed more room to incorporate our home's unique statement!

(After. Featuring Tyson’s "unique statement!" HA!)

This year I went for a more Gothic look...

My favorite part of this whole Halloween display is my "creepy-crawly" floral arrangement! I mean, look at the spokes on these things!

The vase and all of the flowers (Black magnolia, Black Dahlia Stem, Eggplant Thistle Stem, and Purple Premium Wash Eucalyptus are from Hobby Lobby.

We have black candlesticks from Hobby Lobby, candlestick holders from Amazon.

The brown leather pumpkins, grey concrete pumpkins, large white pumpkin, and plum-colored pumpkins were all purchased from Hobby Lobby. The mini white, grey, and navy pumpkins are from Target. Unfortunately, they don't sell these specific ones anymore, but they sell similar pumpkins that are still just as cute. And the gourd in the center was from a craft store back in Rexburg, ID.

Last but not least, this darling black and white garland, is also from HobbyLobby.

And incase you were wondering, the console table is from DownEast (my favorite! I love this table!) and the Mirror is from Target.

The Table

The only other place in the house I currently decorate (just wait till my mantle is up and that will be the 3rd hot spot for holiday decor! EEK! So excited!) is our dining room table.

This is where I throw all my other Target mini pumpkins and this cute little garland I found at that same craft store in Rexburg, ID. The table runner is from TJMaxx - another one of my affordable holiday go-to stores!

Now, this water vase and fruit bowl deserve a quick spotlight! Why? THEY WERE ONLY $15 EACH!!!!

Can you believe that? We recently went to Bed Bath and Beyond on a whim and I found this cute little display with all these matte white kitchen items ALL of which were only $15! And no, they were not on sale! Blew my mind.

You can't have a cute matte water pitcher and NOT fill them with fresh fall flowers!

Or a bowl without fall apples! (We plan on making caramel apples this weekend with these beauties! Can't wait.)

Anyway, now these cuties live on my dining room table and I love it. The brand is Bee & Willow - you'll have to go check them out!

Oh! And did you know we MADE our dining room butcher block table? Check out the how-to and story behind that one HERE! I absolutely LOVE this table.

The Exterior

OK! Let's move outside...

My favorite is these darlings witch hats from Amazon that we've hung with fishing wire.

The strong winds here start to kick in around October, so we've done our fair share of hat-hunting around the yard and neighborhood this year and last! We've learned from our mistake and now these hats are secured with tape!

We have a large Spider and a cobweb ball, both from Walmart. One of my friends HATES this cobweb ball - it gives her major hee-bee-gee-bees! Honestly, it kinda creeps me out too! Ha!

We got a handful of these hanging ghosts from Walmart last year for about $3 each!

They've gotten pretty torn up and get stuck on the tree bark pretty bad, so I'm not sure how much I'd recommend these. They are, however, pretty cheap and get the point across so I can't complain too much!

If you've been watching our Instagram stories this week, you saw my feeble attempt to turn some old sheer curtains that we don't use anymore into ghosts! It started off a hot mess, but thanks to this adhesive felt, we ended with a strong finish! Note: don't paint (even with puff paint!) on sheer fabric... it's a mess!

And I present to you, the final product:

Boo! Pretty spooky, huh?!

You can't decorate for Halloween without skeletons! We have spider skeletons...

...And our one and only, Mr. Bones right in the front! You can't miss him. He's actually the reason the neighbor boys don't get too close to our house. They told me the other day that our house was a little "too spooky," as they pointed at Mr. Bones and his pet spiders. Haha, oops! Sorry kids!

Moving on to our graveyard of bones - a definite must, am I right?! Last year, Walmarat sold bags of lose bones for about $8 each.

Lastly, we have a ton of cobwebs everywhere and this black netted fabric hanging on either side of our garage. They are so cheap and cover so much space, they are really the most affordable way to spook out your exterior.

Not pictured, is our strobe light, fog machine, and rotating ghost lights that we pull out only on Halloween night! Keep an eye out for our Insta stories this weekend and I'll be sure to share some nighttime photos of the whole ordeal.

And there you have it! There's our Halloween decor inside and out!

We hope you all have a wonderful Halloween this weekend! I know we sure will! Stay tuned for our next 2 projects: painting the girl's room and our glorious fireplace mantle. Can't wait!


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