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Real Estate with a REAL Cause: Meet The Perry Family

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

JaNae and Mike Perry were happily married in September of 2010. While they were dating, JaNae was unfortunately diagnosed with endometriosis. Endometriosis is an often painful disorder that is related to the female reproductive system and can contribute to infertility. After undergoing surgery, to confirm her diagnosis and temporarily remove the existing endometriosis, JaNae told Mike in the recovery room, "You better hurry up and marry me so we can have babies!" That may have been the drugs talking, but there's always truth behind the things one says when they are "under the influence"!

Once they were married, they waited a year before attempting to grow their family, to enjoy the “honeymoon phase” of marriage. Little did they know, it would take them 4.5 years of trying and several failed rounds of various infertility treatments, before The Perrys finally received their first positive pregnancy test (on their own, without medical intervention)! JaNae was in shock and disbelief (after all, she did get that positive test on a Friday the 13th) and Mike's reaction to the news was, "HOW???!" Baby Perry was nothing short of a miracle, and the doctors can confirm that.

Avery May Perry made her debut into this world on December 26th, 2016; 3 weeks before her due date), sharing her birthday with her rockstar mama. After many years of dreaming of this moment, and a scary labor and delivery, holding their newborn baby was a true Christmas miracle for JaNae and Mike; one they will forever be grateful for.

Now almost 6 years have passed since that special day and that has been the only positive pregnancy test the family has seen in the last 11 years. Avery has repeatedly asked Santa to bring her a sibling for Christmas and often includes that request in her nightly prayers. Little does she know, her parents carry the same pleading prayer daily.

JaNae's doctors have recommended IVF as their most reliable avenue to conceive again. They have found a wonderful program that guarantees conception and successful delivery by offering an additional two free rounds of IVF if the first round does not take. The Perrys have initiated the long hall of saving up for Baby #2.

However, I believe The Perrys have waited long enough and would like your help to shorten that strenuous endeavor with our real estate fundraiser. I will be donating 50% of commissions between now and the end of the year to the Perrys for their IVF treatment! If you, or someone you know, would like to buy or sell any kind of real estate in Arizona between now and the end of the year, use me, Jessica Doberneck, as your REALTOR and you can be a part of Real Estate with a REAL Cause. Click HERE to connect and participate in this fundraiser!

Let's bring the Perry family another Christmas miracle!


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